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Tackling global poverty and exclusion through financial access and asset building

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Should We Bank on It?

On the Weekly Wonk, Global Assets Project director, Jamie Zimmerman, discusses the potential for mobile finance to lift youth in the developing world out of poverty with Hibah Hussain of the Open Technology Institute and Eric Tyler, a Research Fellow with GAP

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Beyond the Buzz

There is growing enthusiasm around using mobile technology to accelerate youth financial inclusion and capability. Our latest paper explores the trends, tools, opportunities and obstacles.

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Hope or Hype? Obstacles to Youth Financial Inclusion

In MIT's Innovations Journal, Jamie Zimmerman and Julia Arnold explore obstacles to mobile money innovations that could promote youth financial inclusion.

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On the Weekly Wonk: The Class Banker

Jamie Zimmerman takes us inside this image of a classroom in Nepal, on the Weekly Wonk.   

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Investing in Girls

In a new policy paper, Jamie Zimmerman, Nicole Tosh, and Jamie Holmes argue that using innovative technologies to empower young girls to save has widespread positive implications for poverty reduction.

Banking On A Future

Financial inclusion is a vital cause in developing and developed nations alike - from the countries where YouthSave works, to our own backyard here in the Washington, DC region. This video depicts what happened when Capital One Bank built a branch in a public high school in Prince George's County, Maryland - effectively increasing access to financial services for students and introducing them to financial education. Above, teen bankers share their stories.

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Youth and Mobile: Fulfilling the Promise

"The mobile phone has proven capable of ushering the poor -- from city slum to remote village dwellers -- into the financial mainstream. However, can the benefits of mobile technology be fully realized among youth in necessitous communities, even as restrictive polices remain in place? What will it take for the mobile phone to fulfill its promise to financially under-served young people?"

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Scarlett Aldebot-Green is a senior policy analyst in the Asset Building Program...
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