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Global Assets Project

About the Global Assets Project

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The Global Assets Project was created out of shared vision of a world in which millions of poor women, men, and children in developing and developed nations permanently escape poverty and achieve financial security across generations. We believe the path from poverty to prosperity requires not only traditional anti-poverty interventions focused on income, health, and primary education, but also on accumulating assets—a bank account, savings, financial know-how, investments, land, a home, a small business, a nest-egg for security and retirement. What if, we wonder, every child on the planet were to receive her or his own savings account, starting as early as birth -- accounts that children and their families in every country could use to focus efforts to accumulate assets and invest for important goals throughout life? Although this may seem a distant hope today, information technology in coming decades will very likely make this possible.

To approach a vision of “assets for all”—and to structure and leverage the growing momentum toward building assets for the poor throughout the world—the Global Assets Project of the Center for Social Development and the New America Foundation are drawing together existing research, policy, practice, and financial products, to chart a new agenda for future work and innovation in the field of asset building globally.

About the Global Assets Project banner image: Quechua woman opens her first savings account/PCA at Credinka Savings & Credit Bank in Cusco, Peru through a program designed by Edge Finance. Photograph by Yves Moury/Proyecto Capital.